A Level ICT



Mrs E Nwokolo

Head of Department

Mr B Meads

Head of Department (Maternity Cover)

Mrs C Malik

Teacher and Assistant Principal

Ms X Thompson


Miss K Young


Information Technology impacts upon every aspect of our lives. in a society where information is power those who can utilise it effectively will be better placed to face the educational, social and employment opportunities of the new millennium. The course would suit the student who may wish to study or be employed in information management.


This course uses a task driven approach to examine the effective use of information technology systems within industry, business and commerce. It requires problem solving, decision making and implementing solutions with understanding of the effects and limitations of Information Technology within society.

AS Level 1

A Level ICT



Where will success take me?

ICT is one of those great subjects that lets you maximise on your own strengths. This subject has been developed for students who wish to progress to higher education or to the world of work, where understanding how ICT can be used in society and organisations, and the implications of its use, will be a valuable asset.


If you turn out to have a really technical interest in ICT, you could work for a bank or corporation helping to design systems which transfer information from a database to a terminal. But if you are more interested in the user interface, you could work in advertising or for a handset manufacturer. Information is everywhere, so ICT is a sound career move. 


You will need to have a strong interest in the new development of ICT technologies.  You should be someone who enjoys writing and discussing about ICT technologies.