A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Why study A-Level Mathematics at KS5?

Why study A-Level Further Mathematics as well?

Specification of A-Level Mathematics

The full Maths A-Level is made up of three parts:

  • Pure, which provides the techniques in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus that forms the fundemental building blocks of the subject. 
  • Statistics, which is the study of probability, data handling, probability distribution, estimation, correlation and regression and testing hypothesis.
  • Mechanics, which is the study of forces, energy, motion, kinematics projectiles, mathematical modelling, moments, collisions and stability.

What degrees can A-Level Mathematics lead to?

 A-Level Maths provides a foundation for further studies in a variety of subjects such as computing, computing science, philosophy, psychology, management, medicine and all engineering and science degrees.

What careers can Maths lead to?

Finance and banking, natural and life sciences, art and design, business consultancy and operational research, engineering, actuary and insurance, IT and computers, Medicine and Health and Education.

Find out more about A Level Mathematics at Hatcham College

All prospective students are invited and encouraged to attend our Open Days/Evening where members of the Mathematics department will be on hand to give you more information and answer any questions about the course