A Level Physics

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.                                   Terry Pratchett, Lords & Ladies

​ O Brave New World.                                                                                        Shakespeare/Hawking

Physics is nothing more than the search for ultimate simplicity.                    Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

The Universe is beautiful, understanding it brings new levels of still greater beauty.                                                                                                                  Brian Cox, Forces of Nature


Course Followed  AQA A-Level Physics (7408)
Exam Board  AQA
  • Life, the Universe and Everything
  • Understanding the nature of existence 
  • The contents, structure and nature of everything in the universe
  • Stripping everything down to the fundamentals and how everything is connected and works
  • Logic, problem solving, deduction, reasoning, analysis above any other subject
  • Providing the training, skills and qualification to place you ahead of the competition

Physics is an integral part of many careers and a qualification leads to careers in science, engineering, computing, medicine, finance and many others.

A-level Physics HandbookPhysics Sixth Form induction Booklet 2016