A Level Religious Studies

A Level Religious Studies – AQA(7062)

Ms S Head Head of Religious Studies & PSHCE
Ms A Qamar Teacher of Religious Studies
Mr S Thompson Teacher of Philosophy

Entry Requirements

Grade B and above in English and Mathematics GCSE


To enjoy an A level in Religious Studies you must have an enquiring mind, an interest in Philosophy and Ethics and a desire to examine some of the most compelling questions which face humankind. You do not need to have a personal religious belief, although it’s fine if you do have one. The A level course – like the GCSE – is not a training course for religious leaders! This subject has something extra – real value added features:

Topics include:

Area A: Philosophy of Religion

1. A study of the philosophical arguments for the existence of God:

  • Design - key concepts, strengths & weaknesses
  • Cosmological - key ideas, strengths and weaknesses

2. A study of the problem of evil and suffering

  •  Problem of evil/suffering, different types of problems and solutions

3. A study of philosophical debates about miracles

  • Concept of miracle
  •  Reasons to believe in miracles
  • Philosophical problems with relation to Hume
Area B: Ethics

1. A study of ethical concepts:

  • Religion and morality
  • Utilitarianism
  • Situation Ethics

2. A study of ethical dilemmas:

  • Issues of war and peace
  • Sexual ethics

RS is fantastic. It helped me to learn how to think about the world today


Hatcham College Philosophy Student class of 2016

I never thought I’d enjoy RS this much. I love looking at the Problem of Evil and really questioning how and why evil exists


Hatcham College Philosophy Student class of 2015