This is a creative course encouraging students to develop their 2D and 3D skills as practising artists. Year 1 involves a variety of projects which draw on a range of materials and offer a chance to develop many different styles. All art students build a portfolio of work which will be presented at the end of the academic year. As well as getting the opportunity to work individually on practical projects, they will learn from direct teaching, peer learning, presentation and trips.


All art students are encouraged to experiment and will have the opportunity to use a wide range of materials including ceramics, sculpture, print-making, photography, design and many others. Recording images and representing the world around htem are at the heart of the projects. During their time on the course they will gain a strong understanding of the genres and styles in the history of art which underpin their own work.


Homework and Independent Study

  • Art & Design Fine Art homework complies with the hours set for AS/A2 pupils outlined in the Knights Homework Policy.
  • Art & Design Fine Art students are expected to be self-motivated and are required to develop their personal projects outside of lesson time.
  • All A Level Fine Are pipils are encouraged to attend Art interventions and clubs.
  • Life Drawing is essential to the pupil's development and is expected that all pupils attend a series of sessions. Knights do not offer life drawing as we do not have the space of privacy in the school. Lewisham offer many life drawing classes. Please see the tutor for advice.