What is A level Fine Art?

A level in Fine Art  has been designed to provide engaging and innovative creative learning experiences, where art, craft and design practice is meaningfully integrated with theoretical knowledge and understanding. The course  provides learners with opportunities to develop a broad foundation of critical, practical and theoretical skills that offers learners a holistic understanding of a range of practices and contexts in the visual arts, crafts and design fields, culminating in greater specialism and achievement.


What is the course structure ? 

Year 12 Component

1: Personal Investigation: 60%


The Personal Investigation is thematic, and is a portfolio of outcomes alongside sketchbooks. Students will select 2 themes from personal starting points, such as Decay, Transformation, Movement, Collections, Fragments, Distortion and produce a investigative portfolio from a theme 

The Personal Investigation consists of:

• a major in-depth critical, practical and theoretical investigative project/portfolio and outcome/s based on themes and subject matter that have personal significance;

• an extended written element of 1000 words minimum, which may contain images and texts and must clearly relate to practical and theoretical work using an appropriate working vocabulary and specialist terminology.

Year 13:

Component 2: Externally Set Assignment: 40 %

The Externally Set Assignment is released from February in the second year of study and will consist of a series of visual and written stimuli. The Externally Set Assignment unit consists of two parts; Part 1 the preparatory study period, and Part 2: the 15 hour examination of sustained focus work