Askean Alumni Association

Welcome to 3A

HAHC grew from the merger in 1991 of the separate HAHBS and HAHGS. Both these schools already had their associations for their former pupils in the Old Askeans, and the Hatcham Association.


The first College students began as Year 7 in 1991, and left in 1998- so by now, in 2016 there are many years of Alumni who we are sure eager to connect with each other and the school. John Skinner started a movement of Alumni under the banner of the Askean Alumni Association, or AAA. Following John's terribly sad passing the organisation and drive behind the AAA lacked continuity.


With this in mind a small committee, consisting of former and current staff, former students, and representatives of the OA and the HA, are working to realise John's vision of the College Alumni Association and Old Askeans and will continue to function in their own rights but in an exciting new development we welcome them both under the AAA banner as well. 

AAA Committee

On the 22nd June 2016 the first 3A committee was elected. Please find below a list of our members. We will be updating this page with their profiles. 

Chair Alice Chen
Vice Chair Roger Goodman
Treasurer Murali Krishna
Secretary/communications Leo Geyer
Senior member of staff from college Euan Paterson
Member of staff and former pupil Sophie Brewer
Committee member Ben Freeburn
Committee member Erica Fitzpatrick
Committee member Liz Harris
Committee member Janet Gearing

Core Values

  • Continuing friendship and developing social ties
  • Developing professional links
  • Continuing to give back to the College and its current student body

Former students of HAHC, HAHBS and HAHGS are encourage to join, free of charge, and to participate in events. We welcome all former pupils to engage in this exciting new opportunity that we believe will be both professionally and socially beneficial to all former pupils.


If you have any ideas or comments, please do get in touch:

  • Mr. E Paterson, Assistant Principal-
  • School email-