Business Studies

Business Studies entry criteria: C in Business Studies (preferable) / 4 in English & Maths / 32 APS

What is the subject about?

Business Studies is a popular subject to study in the Sixth Form and gives students the opportunity to develop critical understanding of business organisations, the markets they serve and the environment that successful businessess operate in. Some of the main topics studied include business planning, business finances and how to manage a business.


What do employers say about this subject?

The combination of the academic challenge and practical focus makes business studies a key subject for many roles such as accounting, finance and marketing.


Teacher Position Held

Mrs S Howell

Business Studies Subject Lead

Key Stage 5

Year 12

Our students will be studying the London Institute of Banking and Finance Level 3 qualifications.


Certificate in Financial Studies:

  • Financial Capability for the immediate and short term
  • Financial Capability for the medium and long term

Each Unit has 2 external examinations - one on-line multiple choice examination and one written paper.  Students are allowed one re-sit opportunity for each part.  Examinations are January and May. 


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Year 13

Our students completed Component 1 in Year 12 and will complete Components 2 and 3 in Year 13.

  • Component 1 - Business Opportunities and Functions
  • Component 2 - Business Analysis and Strategy
  • Component 3 - Business in a Changing World

Each of the components will be tested via a 2 hr 15 minutes written paper.


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