Business Studies- AS Level

Head of Department

Ms B C White

Mrs E Martino

Mr M Jennings

Ms F Mouti

Ms D Kusi


  • AS Level Business Studies

Qualification Name

  • GCE Business Studies

Examination Board

  • Eduqas (part of WJEC)

Course Structure

Component 1: Business Opportunities 

  1. Enterprise 
  2. Business plans 
  3. Markets 
  4. Market research 
  5. Business structure 
  6. Business location 
  7. Business finance 
  8. Business revenue and costs 

Component 2: Business Functions 

  1. Marketing 
  2. Finance 
  3. People in organisations (human resources) 
  4. Operations management 


Component 1: 

  • 40% of AS marks  
  • 1 hour examination 
  • 50 marks 


Structured questions to assess business opportunities, business start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and other types of business organisations and the markets in which they operate.


Component 2: 

  • 60% of AS marks 
  • 2 hour examination 
  • 80 marks 


Two sections covering all of the AS content;

  • Section A – compulsory data response questions 
  • Section B – one essay from a choice of three.

Before the qualification can be awarded, students must undertake both assessments

Deadlines for Coursework:

  • N/A


Examination dates:

  • Business Studies Component 1 and 2 -Summer 2017

Suggested Reading

Business Opportunities (2015)

Eduqas digital download 

Author: Chris Stockton 

Publisher: Eduqas 

Business Functions (2015) 

Eduqas digital download 

Author: Chris Stockton 

Publisher: Eduqas 

Revision Guide To AS Level Business Studies 

Author: Alan Hewison 

Publisher: Anforme 

ISBN-13: 978-1-905504-84-8