Head of Department

Ms N Weston


Drama improves not only confidence, team work and communication skills, but also the ability to empathise with a variety of situations and express thoughts and opinions clearly. This in turn rewards those who study drama with the necessary competencies for a fulfilling and prosperous career. Skills developed in Drama enable pupils to be well rounded individuals leading to college, university places and a career in their chosen field. Journalism, marketing, teaching, law, and sales are just some of the career paths open to pupils who have studied Drama.


The pupils work on a variety of schemes including: 

  • Physical Theatre
  • Shakespeare
  • Greek Theatre
  • Melodrama and
  • Theatre for Children,

as well as developing key performance skills such as: 

  • movement
  • voice
  • character building and
  • rehearsal techniques.


Pupils at Knights are trained with the necessary skills required to be a successful actor and practitioner in preparation for GCSE and Sixth Form.