Head of Department
Mr M. Senior

Mr D Goode

Ms N Gayle

Mr S Sumner

Qualification Name

  • GCE English Literature 

Examination Board

  • AQA

Course Structure

Students will study four texts: one Shakespeare play, one poetry anthology and two prose texts. They will also respond to an unseen prose extract in the exam.

  • Othello 
  • AQA Anthology of love poetry throught the ages pre 1900 
  • Frankenstein


Paper 1- Love through the ages: Shakeapeare and Poetry 

  • Written exam – 1 hour 30 minutes 
  • Closed book 
  • 50 marks 
  • 50% of AS level Questions  Two compulsory sections: Section A Shakespeare. One passage-based question with linked essay (25 marks)  Section B Poetry. One question on printed poem (25 marks)

Paper 2- Love through the ages: prose 


What’s assessed? 

  • Content 1-6 above 


  • Written exam – 1 hour 30 minutes 
  • Open book 
  • 50 marks 
  • 50% of AS level 


  • Section A: Unseen prose. One compulsory question on unseen prose extract (25 marks)
  • Section B: Comparing prose texts. One comparative question on two prose texts (25 marks)

Deadline for Coursework


Examination Dates

AS English Literature Paper 1 and Paper 2 - Summer 2017