At Hatcham we see Enrichment as a part of every child’s educational experience. An important part of Enrichment is that it must enhance the curriculum and the students’ general learning experience.


This applies both to work done in the classroom and to activities outside school. It is important that all learners should receive an enriched diet in their everyday school life, as emphasised by our ‘Every Child Matters’ policy.


There are a large and ever expanding range of activites available for students at each phase and they take place in Enrichment time in the extended school day, or in lunchtime clubs. 


Some courses are designed to ‘round out’ the basic curriculum subjects with a wider context, while others provide students with experiences outside the regular curriculum.


The Enrichment programme as a whole promotes individuality of response and encourages originality and invention. The fact that students can make their own choice of activity in most cases allows them to take some responsibility for their own learning.


Below are the Enrichment timetables for Hatcham.

Primary HTG EA Clubs Offer 2018 - 2019

HTGFS Clubs Timetable Jan 2017


Jan 2019 Enrichment Timetable