Hatcham College Public Consultation - October 2018


This consultation is now closed. 
This was a public consultation about Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College. It sought views on changing Hatcham College from an all-through 3 – 18 academy consisting of one secondary phase and one primary phase to two legally separate schools – one secondary school and one primary school – which work together as a cluster with Hatcham Temple Grove Free School. Although these changes are quite technical in nature and they will only have a limited effect on the character and operations of Hatcham College, DfE guidance requires that a consultation is carried out before making changes of this kind. This document is also consulting about the admissions policies for these schools, as required by the Schools Admissions Code.
The consultation was open from Monday 1st October to Monday 19th November.

A report on the consultation will be available here in due course. 


Areas of Consultation 

The reasons for change


Building on the success that we have seen at Hatcham Temple Grove Free School, Hatcham College and Hatcham Temple Grove would each have its own legally designated Head teacher. The current Head of Primary at Hatcham Temple Grove would become the Head teacher, with legal accountability and responsibility for that school within the all-through cluster. This will give parents clarity about who the Head teacher of their child’s school is and who has the powers and responsibilities of the Head teacher.


There will be greater clarity about the funding for Hatcham College and Hatcham Temple Grove: each would receive its own funding allocation budget, managed by the Head teacher of that school.


The Ofsted inspection system better caters to single-phase schools. Making this change would mean that Hatcham College and Hatcham Temple Grove would have their own separate Ofsted inspections, like Hatcham Temple Grove Free School does already. Having separate inspections would mean that inspection reports were able to provide more detail about each school, providing more information about our schools’ performance to staff and parents. The judgements given by Ofsted would apply to each school rather than there being one judgement for Hatcham Temple Grove and Hatcham College combined.


Hatcham Temple Grove would be designated as a feeder school for Hatcham College, just as Hatcham Temple Grove Free School is already. Children currently at Hatcham Temple Grove will still get the secondary place they would have done in the current arrangement. Parents of children at Hatcham Temple Grove will have to apply for their child’s secondary place as part of the normal secondary school application process.