Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium


The Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch up premium funding for the current academic year (September 2017 - August 2018) is £8255. Like the previous academic year, the catch up funding is still used to target the new Year 7 pupils who arrived below the expected standard in English or Maths. The table below identifies what this funding was used for and the impact of this.

How we spent the previous years allocation

  • Additional support outside of normal lesson time for English and maths
  • Use of SEND specialists to support outside of lessons
  • Contribute to the salary of an Assistant Headteacher with a specific focus on literacy and the quality of writing across the curriculum
  • Providing students with reading materials for English lessons


  • Extra English and maths teaching groups (Curriculum re-modelling). Blocking with additional group for English and maths
  • Additional withdrawal for key pupils by specialist teacher
  • Part-fund the salary for Curriculum Director in English – senior role to lead on Literacy and numeracy across the curriculum including extended writing
  • Books and resources including invitation of poets and writers to support language and written skills development in Year 7


For 2017-2018, approximately 20% of the cohort is not at the expected standards in GPS, Maths or Reading. All Y7 pupils who are not secondary ready will receive additional in class support in Literacy and Numeracy. Teaching groups have been identified where this can be provided.


Secondary Readiness

Year GPS Expected Maths Expected Reading Expected
No % No   % No %
7 153 86 145 81 137 77
Not at expectations 25 14 33 19 41 23