Modern Foreign Languages

Ms C Lindner Joint Head of MFL Department, Head of French and i/c Community Languages
Mr W Joerres Joint Head of MFL Department and Head of German
Ms F Corbat Teacher of French and German and Head of Year 9 
Miss S Dawson Teacher i/c of Mandarin 
Mrs E Obesso-Araújo Subject Leader of Spanish
Ms C Rodriguez Teacher of Spanish
Mr S Thompson Teacher i/c of Latin
Ms G Mantero Valle Spanish Language Assistant 
Mrs Z Pereira German Language Assistant

Hatcham College has a vibrant languages department, and we are proud to offer five languages.

  • German is the first language of the college and all students will be following the German curriculum in KS3.
  • From year 8 onwards, high ability students have the option to chose an additional language from: Latin, French, Spanish and Mandarin.
  • At KS4 we offer all five languages.
  • At KS5 the Department currently teaches French, German and Spanish.
  • We have the FLA's who provide conversation lessons and small group spport in KS5 and wherever possible to support the KS4 curriculum.
  • In the past, the the MFL department have run include trips to France, Spain and Germany.
  • Classics/Latin has run trips to Italy and Greece.