More Able and Talented

More Able Program 

We are delighted to welcome you to the section that outlines our provision for our More Able students. This year we celebrated our best results, with 100% of more able pupils achieving 5 or more A*-B grades including English and Maths.  

Meeting the needs of the More Able  

In the secondary phase, Most Able pupils are identified through their KS2 results, CATs results and through subject specific teacher nominations (Talented cohort).
We use a variety of different indicators to establish the group of pupils. Particularly important is the input of teaching staff. This means that each subject area will have a named list of pupils who excel or should excel in that subject and will be challenged accordingly. It is also important to recognise that we review the lists regularly so different pupils at different times will benefit from the programme. 
Meeting the needs of more able pupils in lessons is a key priority at Knight’s Academy, however we also provide a full range of opportunities, trips and programmes for all learners at the school and we are particularly proud of the wide range of such opportunities for pupils who have an excellent engagement in learning.
We provide three ‘waves’ of provision for pupils to ensure that they receive an education appropriate to their abilities.

Stream 1 provision: Quality First Teaching

As a school, we strive to ensure that pupils receive good quality whole class teaching. Teaching and learning approaches which are particularly appropriate for challenging Most Able pupils are used to benefit the whole class, whilst ensuring that the needs of the Most Able are met during whole class lessons.

Stream 2 provision: Differentiated Goup Work

All pupils benefit from regularly planned differentiated group work as part of the curriculum. For our Most Able pupils, this will include guided tasks with the class teacher, independent group work at an appropriate level and suitably challenging homework tasks. Additional group work outside of regular lessons is provided, for example, ‘mastery’ classes for enrichment opportunities such as competitions and trips.

Stream 3 provision: Individualised Provision

Individual provision may be used on occasions for the small number of pupils who demonstrate exceptional ability, or who require an individualised programme to support their needs. The needs of the majority of Most Able pupils are met through stream 1 and 2 provision.

We are very proud of our record in meeting the needs of our more able students. Our support for the secondary phase begins in year 7 and continues right through to year 13 where some will apply to Oxbridge colleges, Russell Group Universities, medical schools and sports universities. Support includes fast tracking in some subjects, A* intervention, as well as a range of specially designed events both in school and beyond, such as the More Able Careers event where pupils meet advisors from careers such as Neuroscience, Law, Journalism, Engineering and Finance.