Music Department at Crayford

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent - Victor Hugo


Position Held

Mr I Underhill 

Head of Music and Performance

Miss L Ballard

Music Administrator

Mr A Simpson, Mr S Hennings, Mr J Mathers,   Ms S Holmes, Mr G Thomas, Mr D Price, Ms S Ballard

Peripatetic Music Teachers


Every child hears music, probably every day. But how much do they know about music?


We aim to encourage and develop all students’ love of music and learning. The music department wants to further develop every child’s abilities and potential whilst encouraging their love of listening to music. We aim to expand their knowledge about different genres of music so they can speak confidently when hearing music as well as encouraging as many students as possible to learn musical instruments.


The Academy generously funds our peripatetic music lessons scheme allowing children to have one-on-one instrumental lessons. Our extensive extra curricular programme ensures that we are giving all students every opportunity to be involved. Our yearly performance schedule includes over 12 events each academic year allowing students to perform regularly. We perform one large scale Key Stage 3+ production each year, along with a celebration for our Year 6 students every academic year.

Our Facilities

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4