Music Specialism

In the primary phase of our academy, music is lead by Miss Xavier-Cope and each class is taught music by their own class teacher.


Children explore different music styles through active listening, composing and performing activities. Throughout the primary phase children are actively involved in using and developing their singing voices.  The children participate in whole school singing assemblies fortnightly, which are led by qualified singing teachers. They will use body percussion, whole body actions and play classroom instruments effectively to create their own and others’ music.


There is an opportunity for our primary students to have individual tuition on a wide range of musical instruments.  Currently we have children learning how to play the alto-saxophone, trombone and violin.  We also offer individual singing tuition which children are keen to participate in.  


As an Academy, we are involved with a local education provider called Bird College. We have access to their excellent music service.  Through Bird College we are able to offer extra-curricular activities and we currently have two primary choirs that meet once a week after school to rehearse.  These choirs recently performed at our annual carol services where they sang beautifully.


We have many events throughout the year which the children are able to perform in.  These include: KS2 Carol Services, KS1 Nativity, Founders Day, Deputation Day, Royal Festival Hall, Year 6 end of year production and other opportunities to perform for the local community.   


Throughout the primary phase of the Federation we also organise trips and arrange visits for the children to experience as much live performance as possible.  These events include the Primary Proms, theatre trips, local concerts and music recitals in school.