Qualification Name

  • A Level Politics

Examination Board

  • Edexcel

Course Information 

Politics is all about how society manages differing opinions. It’s as much about compromise. It has effect all out lives from watching sport to how we can listen to music to the reason we learn what we do at school and how you are graded.  If you believe keeping up to date with the latest political and social news is an important part of your day – if you enjoy discussion and accept that there are no right or wrong answers, then you should be on the A Level Politics at Knights Academy.
Although many of our students go on read Politics or International Relations courses at universities it is also excellent preparation for studying law, economics, history and philosophy.
During your time on this course you’ll have the opportunity to visit Parliament and the UK Supreme Court and supplement your knowledge by attending evening lectures at the LSE and other universities as well as being encouraged to attend taster days at universities.


Year 12

Component 1 – UK Politics

• Democracy and participation

• PoliticalParties

• ElectoralSystems

• VotingSystems

Component 2 – UK Government

• Constitution

• Parliament

• Prime Ministerand Executive

Core and Non-Core Political Ideas

• Conservatism

• Liberalism

• Socialism

• Feminism

Year 13
Component 3 – Government and Politics of the USA

Comparative Politics (Comparing the UK and the USA)


• US Constitution and Federalism

• Congress • Presidency

• Supreme Court

• Democracy and participation



The course is assessed entirely through exams, with no coursework. You’ll take three written exam papers of equal value, at the end of your second year of study