Recommended Resources for Parents and Carers


Dear Parents and Carers,


As a parent, guardian, or someone with care responsibilities, you’re likely to be one of the most important and trusted sources of information and advice to your child. With that in mind, the resources below are designed to give you the tools to guide and support your child with their decision-making and the application processes they will go through.


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Recommended resources for Parents and Carers:


Local Market Information:

Labour market information tells you about what is happening in the job market at national, regional and local levels and includes information about jobs and salaries, what skills employers are looking for in different industrial sectors, conditions, communities and future trends. This Bexley labour market infographic supports residents of Bexley to make informed decisions about their future study and career choices.

Please click here to view the Bexley labour market infographic


STEM Careers is a digital toolkit for students and parents. It helps to make the link between the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects students study in school, college or university and the world of work. Its goal is to bring alive the huge range of opportunities which are open to anyone who pursues STEM subjects.

Please click here to view the Where Stem Can Take You website


SEN Information:

Careers advice for parents is a dedicated careers site for parents and carers. They have a dedicated page that explains the options and opportunities available for students with SEN.

Please click here to read the Careers Advice for Parents page


Informed Choices is a Russell Group university guide to making decisions about post-16 education. The guide was created so that young people and parents have access to clear information about how the subjects that they choose to study in the sixth form or at college can affect their options at university and their chances in life.

Please click here to view the Informed Choices website




The website provides information for you about the benefits of apprenticeships and the opportunities they provide.

The fact sheet includes: 

  • an overview of apprenticeships
  • the benefits and progression opportunities available
  • information about why an apprenticeship is the right choice for your son or daughter

Please click here to read more about apprenticeships