The Designated Safeguarding Officers at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy are:

Mr Marvin Charles; Vice Principal Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Samantha Hoyer, Head of Primary  Designated Lead

Mrs Dominique Quinn, Assistant Principal

Ms Tana Thomas, Welfare Coordinator

Mrs Marcia Campbell, Senior Pastoral Manager

Ms Marlese Steele, Pastoral Manager

Ms Tanya Pham, Pastoral Manager

Mr Curtis Ingram, Pastoral Manager


Concerns should be emailed to our confidential email address: 

HAKA Safeguarding -


Please click here to visit the Lewisham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) 


As an academy, we subscribe to the SAFER BSCB recommendations, actions and outcomes:


Sustainable – we aim to develop a system for safeguarding and protection that is durable for the long term.

Accountable – we hold ourselves and our partners to account for the decisions we make and the services they provide.

Feasible – we aspire for excellence but will only promise what is achievable.

Evidenced – we will seek evidence of the effectiveness of our work and our partners’ work.

Respect – we will respect the voice of the child as central to our work and ensure a child focus in our activity.


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