The Designated Safeguarding Officers at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy are:

Mrs Sian Evans, Vice Principal - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Simon Addison, Assistant Principal - Deputy Designated Lead

Ms Jan Mintram, Primary Head Teacher (North Campus) - Deputy Designated Lead

Miss Jennifer O'Brien - Safeguarding/Welfare Officer

Mrs Nicola Bullard - Pastoral Manager, South Campus 

Mrs Ann Matthews – Pastoral Manager, North Campus

Mrs Wendy Best – Pastoral Manager, North Campus


Concerns should be emailed to our confidential email address: 


Useful link to the Bexley Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB):


As an academy, we subscribe to the SAFER BSCB recommendations, actions and outcomes:

Sustainable – we aim to develop a system for safeguarding and protection that is durable for the long term.

Accountable – we hold ourselves and our partners to account for the decisions we make and the services they provide.

Feasible – we aspire for excellence but will only promise what is achievable.

Evidenced – we will seek evidence of the effectiveness of our work and our partners’ work.

Respect – we will respect the voice of the child as central to our work and ensure a child focus in our activity.