Key Stage 5

This A-level Spanish course focuses on language, culture and society. It fosters a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity, which are valuable to the individual and society. Taking A-level languages is not only very useful for specialist linguist careers, but also for many others where there is an international element. Linguists are amonghst the most employable.


The course will focus on how Spanish-speaking society has been shaped, socially and culturally, and how it continues to change. Aspects of the scoial context are studied, together with aspects of the artistic life of Spanish-speaking countries. The course will also focus on issues, such as life for those on the margins of Spanish-speaking society as well as looking at the postiive influences that diversity brings. The aim is to develop students' competence in all four skills. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and are closely monitored and fully supported by their teachers. 

Year 12

Term 1

Los valores tradicionales y modernos

  • Los cambios en la familia
  • Actitudes hacia el matrimonio y el divorcio
  • La influencia de la Iglesia Catolica

Revision of GCSE grammar:

  • Nouns: gender and number, adjective agreement, tenses, comparatives/superlative and definite/indefinite articles
Term 2

El ciberespacio 

  • La influencia de Internet
  • Las redes sociales: beneficios y peligros
  • Los móviles inteligentes en nuestra sociedad 

Study of a film: Pan’s Labyrinth

Grammar Conditional and future tenses
Term 3

La igualdad de los sexos 

  • La mujer en el mercado laboral 
  • El machismo y el feminismo
  • Los derechos de los gays y las personas transgénero
Grammar Perfect/plusperfect tense
Term 4

La influencia de los ídolos 

  • Cantantes y músicos 
  • Estrellas de televisión y cine 
  • Modelos
Grammar Direct and indirect objects, passive voice
Term 5

La identidad regional en España 

  • Tradiciones y costumbres 
  • La gastronomía
  • Las lenguas
Grammar Present and perfect subjunctive
Term 6

El patrimonio cultural

  • Sitios turísticos y civilizaciones prehispánicas (Machu Picchu, la Alhambra)
  • Arte y arquitectura
  • El patrimonio musical y su diversidad

Year 13

Term 1

Multiculturalism in Hispanic society

  • Benefits and disadvantages of immigration
  • Immigration trends in the Spanish speaking world
  • Problems faced by illegal immigrants
  • Racist and xenophobic attitudes
Grammar Revision of imperfect and preterite tense Compound tenses. Passive voice.
Term 2
  • Measures to combat racism
  • Key groups that experience racism in Spain
  • Coexistence of religions and key religions in Hispanic world.

Literary text - La Casa de Bernarda Alba

Grammar Conditional and future tenses
Term 3

Political life in the Hispanic world

  • Attitudes towards politics in the Hispanic world
  • Unemployment
  • The impact of the civil war
  • Life under Franco

Literary text - La Casa de Bernarda Alba

Grammar Subjunctive/imperatives
Term 4
  • Dictatorships in Latin America
  • Protests,  strikes, trade unions
  • Social protests in the Hispanic world
  • Completion of all topics
  • Individual research project
Grammar Imperfect subjunctive and if clauses
Term 5
  • Continuation of individual research project.
  • Revision of Pan’s Labyrinth (studied in year 12)
  • Revisit areas of weakness in the course
  • Essay writing skills
  • Writing a summary techniques
  • Translation skills

Speaking exam takes place 

Grammar Revision of all tenses and structures and key translation traps.
Term 6 Study leave, continued revision and preparation for final exam which will take place in term 6.